Bull-calf (6)

  • Ebony & Navy
    Ebony & Navy
  • Soft grey & Ebony
    Soft grey & Ebony
  • Ebony & Black
    Ebony & Black
  • Red wine & Linen
    Red wine & Linen
  • Linen & Navy
    Linen & Navy
  • Black & Cognac
    Black & Cognac
A special anti RFID folio is added inside this card holder to secure your datas.

Please note that the pictures used are only an illustration and the colours may not exactly correspond to real products. For further information see our conditions.

We suggest you sign your creations with your initials. To do so, choose one of the three positions on the cardholder. By placing your initials on the second space, they will not be visible once filled with cards.

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colour of the initials

  • Neutral
  • Silvery
  • Coppery
  • Gold

Place of the initials

  • left 1
    To the left corner
  • center 2
    Inside the lower pocket
  • right 3
    To the right corner
  • Miniature de l'objet
  • Miniature de l'objet
  • Aperçu de l'objet
  • Aperçu de l'objet

Both faces are identical.

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